Hi everyone! It is with great sadness that I must close the store for the foreseeable future. As some of you may know, from 4th January 2015 I will be leaving the country for a year to travel the world, and for the remainder of this year I will be concentrating a lot on family, friends, planning and adventuring before my partner and I set off on our world tour.

If you have found this page and are disappointed to find we are no longer here, please re-direct your business to my wonderful friend Stephanie / Stephanieverafter who makes a delightful and beautiful selection of flower crowns, garlands and bows.

Story: Having set up Vaudou back in 2011, I have enjoyed every single moment running the company and want to thank every single person for their orders, support and kind words over the years. I couldn't have done it without you! It has been a successful run and I don't regret a single moment, but now it is time to say goodbye (for now!) I truly am grateful to everyone I have worked with and built great relationships with through Vaudou, and I will be sure to log in and keep in touch. One day when I return in 2016 I may decide to re-start the business, but for now, the world has bigger and better things for me. Thank you everyone and much love! xo